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Right before 2017 wrapped up I received fabulous news.
It’s one of those moments I’ve been hoping for since I launched!
Stick With It palette is presented in the February/March issue of  
​The Makeup Artist Magazine. 
The article is written by two Emmy Award winning makeup artists, Melissa Street and Cathi Singh. These free-lance makeup artists take organizing their kits to a whole new level. In the article, they show what tools and contraptions they use and Stick With It palettes and cases are mentioned multiple times showcasing the versatility. And, it’s not just makeup they are using them for! Below are pictures showing how Stick With It can be a First Aid Kit, Sewing/Wardrobe Touch-up Kit and Nail Kit. Their article is packed with tips and tricks to help other artists be organized, efficient and sanitary. I’m so thrilled it’s become a helpful tool to assist these professionals in doing what they love.

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Well, my my my what have you been up to?

Ok, I’m feeling rather guilty I haven’t posted a blog in like, almost a year. But, heck I’ve been one busy girl, gettin’ sh*t done!

​The main thing I’ve been up to is listening to you, my customer, the benefactor of organizing your makeup and/or your craft projects in a Stick With It palette. Before launching the very first Stick With It palette, I proceeded into the International Makeup Artist Trade Show(IMATS) armed with survey and clipboard in hand. Without any hesitation I approached the most creative talents in the makeup industry asking their thoughts on the current palette situation. That afternoon, with much anticipation I combed over the results and it confirmed I was on to something! So glad I was gutsy, scared and went for it anyways. Below are pictures from The Makeup Show, taken this past weekend. What a blast to see all the creative ways artists are using the Stick With It palette to stay organized.

I’ve continued to listen your requests for a deeper size case and so excited to finally have them for you. I also wanted to make them more affordable so we dropped the price to just $19.99 not a sale price, but forevah! 

Upcoming this weekend, we are partnering with Maquillage Makeup Academy for the very first San Diego Fashion Fest, showcasing local designers. In conjunction, the students from Monte Vista High School CTE Cosmetology & Barbering Pathway were selected to be a part of the makeup and hair team for this event. I’m so proud of these students following their dreams and gaining real work experience. This year I was selected to be an Advisory Board Member for their program, and look forward to serving in the future. 

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Let’s Catch Up!

This year has been quite a busy one! Since my last post in July I have reached and stretched the company in new directions and locations. With the Stick With It® palette/case entering new markets I want to bring you up to speed on what’s going on.

First, I’m happy to announce that we have expanded into more stores, you can see our shop list here. In 2017, we will be adding a brand new makeup store opening soon in Dubai! 

Secondly, it turns out the unique features of the Stick With It® are perfect for the cleaning and maintenance of firearms. I introduced the case to the San Diego Police Department and received a very nice testimonial from Officer Deyling. Back in November of last year I attended a Meet the Buyer event for Veteran-owned businesses sponsored by the SBA. I learned about the filing process to become WBE/DBE/SWBE government certified. One year later I am now officially certified.

Lastly, I participated in SCALE, a business accelerator program offered through Hera Labs. In recognition of Veteran’s Day, The executive director, Silva Mah PhD, MBA covers my journey in her latest article.

As we wrap up 2016, I want to take this time to say, thank you for your support, your votes and your purchases. Make sure you are signed up for our newsletter to receive a Holiday Sale announcement coming soon.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

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Welcome Summer!

Who knew when I created the Stick With It® palette it would morph into a multi-purpose, multi-useful little case! This video demonstrates using the Stick With It® as a portable painters palette.
This use can be very handy for artists that work with acrylic and watercolor paints. Also, it sure is a great way to mix makeup foundation and concealers. Not only is this handy for mixing, but now you can reserve your product by closing the lid- Tah Dah!!

In my testing we did mix a variety of water-based paints and glues directly on the sticky surface without harm. Once the product dries it washed off with warm soapy water or it just peeled right off. On my site you can look here and scroll down to see #2 that lists the products we tested, and some that we don’t recommend that can damage the surface.

For a super easy and convenient way to clean up your case you can use palette paper, parchment paper or vellum paper. Simply place the paper on to the Clingfinity® surface, mix away and when ready for clean up, peel the paper off and throw away. On my Store page I do offer a custom-cut packet of vellum paper that fits perfectly into your case. 


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It’s Summertime- Let’s Show Some New Skin!

Many of you have been asking for different colors or prints. I’ve come up with a really easy and creative way for you to customize yours! 

​Our custom–cut vinyl skins provide a simple way for you to personalize and protect your Stick With It®. The skins feature a high gloss, UV protective coating that looks amazing and will last a long time providing excellent scratch protection. It’s a perfect solution if you have the older palettes that had the big logo and they are looking a little beat up. Installing the skins is as easy as peel, stick and enjoy!  The skins can be removed with no residue, no mess and no fuss.  Make sure you check out all 10 prints to select from for only $9.95!

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Do The Hustle!

In Junior High the song ‘Do The Hustle’ was all the rage! It was the first time I learned how to do a line dance and every opportunity to Do The Hustle on the dance floor was a blast with my friends. Now I have another opportunity to hustle and it’s a whole new dance!

Over the past two months I have stepped up my business hustle. I hear all kinds of ways the Stick With It® case is being used by my customers, so I’ve been exploring different industries. I have presented to firearms armorer’s, dental students, guitar/musical instrument repair techs and continue to explore different ways makeup artists and crafters can use their palettes.

If you have not noticed, I’ve also been busy redesigning my website to address the new uses and industry professionals that are finding value in the Stick With It® case. It’s really exciting for me to see how my product is picking up interest from other professions. When I first launched, I was laser focused on it being a makeup palette. But now it is expanding into so many uses and the common denominator is storing small items. 

Until now, to store small items you basically had two choices a tray or bowl with a magnet or a container with divided compartments. The downside is that not everything is metal and won’t attract to a magnet or small compartments that leave one fishing for items and risk spilling the contents. My customers tell me it’s such a relief to easily see and access their items without the frustration of loosing anything. I’m so energized by these new opportunities it definitely puts the step in my hustle. 

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Get Green With…Inspiration!

Everyone’s thinking green this month with St. Patrick’s Day around the corner. And while you may get green with envy from time to time when you see what others in your space are accomplishing, we want to say STOP RIGHT THERE!

Let’s get green with INSPIRATION and realize:
1- You are not giving yourself enough credit.
     Take time out to reflect how much you have accomplished, created or designed. Your unique
     talents and passion have led you to some remarkable places. Continue to believe and take
     action towards your goals.

2- Things are not always what they appear.
     Looking at someone else’s success, you have no idea the struggles they have faced. 
     Success usually comes after failure, or a pivotal moment that forged a new direction.

3- What can you learn from those you admire?
     Trailblazers, Freethinkers and Innovators have common traits. They have a different perspective
     on life, passionate drive and go with their gut instincts.  How did they stay strong in the face of
     adversity?  What challenging moment launched a brilliant idea? 

4- What’s one new thing you can do this month to get one step closer to what you want to create?
     Do you get inspiration from nature, visiting an art gallery, page through fashion magazines, or is
     it found in the people around you? 

5- Where do you go to find your inspiration? Please share in the comments section.

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