In Junior High the song ‘Do The Hustle’ was all the rage! It was the first time I learned how to do a line dance and every opportunity to Do The Hustle on the dance floor was a blast with my friends. Now I have another opportunity to hustle and it’s a whole new dance!

Over the past two months I have stepped up my business hustle. I hear all kinds of ways the Stick With It® case is being used by my customers, so I’ve been exploring different industries. I have presented to firearms armorer’s, dental students, guitar/musical instrument repair techs and continue to explore different ways makeup artists and crafters can use their palettes.

If you have not noticed, I’ve also been busy redesigning my website to address the new uses and industry professionals that are finding value in the Stick With It® case. It’s really exciting for me to see how my product is picking up interest from other professions. When I first launched, I was laser focused on it being a makeup palette. But now it is expanding into so many uses and the common denominator is storing small items. 

Until now, to store small items you basically had two choices a tray or bowl with a magnet or a container with divided compartments. The downside is that not everything is metal and won’t attract to a magnet or small compartments that leave one fishing for items and risk spilling the contents. My customers tell me it’s such a relief to easily see and access their items without the frustration of loosing anything. I’m so energized by these new opportunities it definitely puts the step in my hustle. 

from Stick With It – Blog


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