Everyone’s thinking green this month with St. Patrick’s Day around the corner. And while you may get green with envy from time to time when you see what others in your space are accomplishing, we want to say STOP RIGHT THERE!

Let’s get green with INSPIRATION and realize:
1- You are not giving yourself enough credit.
     Take time out to reflect how much you have accomplished, created or designed. Your unique
     talents and passion have led you to some remarkable places. Continue to believe and take
     action towards your goals.

2- Things are not always what they appear.
     Looking at someone else’s success, you have no idea the struggles they have faced. 
     Success usually comes after failure, or a pivotal moment that forged a new direction.

3- What can you learn from those you admire?
     Trailblazers, Freethinkers and Innovators have common traits. They have a different perspective
     on life, passionate drive and go with their gut instincts.  How did they stay strong in the face of
     adversity?  What challenging moment launched a brilliant idea? 

4- What’s one new thing you can do this month to get one step closer to what you want to create?
     Do you get inspiration from nature, visiting an art gallery, page through fashion magazines, or is
     it found in the people around you? 

5- Where do you go to find your inspiration? Please share in the comments section.

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