It’s been the darling of the Paleo world as a carb-free meal option (good news for all of you coffee-for-breakfast girls + boys), but butter coffee has picked up steam with celebs and everyday people alike as a satisfying, energy-boosting beverage that satisfies hunger thanks to the spoonful of saturate fats. Some experts believe that this saturated cuppa may even cause your body to increase fat-burning, resulting in weight loss. Okay, so there’s all that, but let’s get back to the part about putting butter in your coffee. I love butter and I love coffee so had no trouble mixing the two. The original recipe from Bulletproof also includes coconut oil for an extra shot of healthy fats but I don’t love coconut flavored coffee. So. Verdict? Tastes delicious, especially with a good grass-fed dollop of butter. It’s also infinitely more satisfying than straight coffee. I have a hard time on principle using it as a meal replacement (butter does not equal green smoothie or quinoa), BUT if I’m in a hurry it’s an easy on-the-go alternative. I also can get jittery on too much caffeine if I’m hungry or dehydrated—which drives me to buy an egg sandwich—and the butter eliminated that. According to New York nutritionist Amy Shapiro, the fat slows the absorption of the caffeine, creating an even and prolonged energy release. The recipe is a as simple as it looks: brew your coffee of choice then stir in few tablespoons of butter and coconut oil and enjoy. Have you tried it? Will you? Discuss!

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