This video was filmed by Scrapbook Expo In this video we introduce one the best portable arts and crafts organizers on the market the Stick With It palette. The Stick With It® palette is an innovative portable scrapbooking embellishments, arts and craft organizer. It allows you to organize your scrapbooking embellishments, arts and crafts items firmly in place until you remove them. Stick With It® is the only arts and craft organizer that uses the revolutionary Clingfinity® technology which allows you to quickly organize and safely store all of your small arts and crafts parts. Whether your an artist, crafter or scrapbooker the Stick With It® palette is the perfect organizer and storage case for all your small arts, crafts and hobby project materials made of plastic, metals, wood and much more! When fully open it can be used as a palette to mix paint and glue or as a flat surface to build and assemble small projects. Our innovative Clingfinity® surface leaves no sticky residue and is designed to be long lasting, durable and low maintenance. It cleans up easily with just soap and water or rubbing alcohol. ********************************************************************** For more information and to purchase please visit our website: Connect with us: best craft organizer, art organizer, portable craft organizers, craft organizers


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