This summer has been unlike any other, in a profound way. My business is growing and I celebrated a significant birthday feeling healthy, vibrant and appreciative for all that I have. July and August have proven to be remarkable so far.


I mention having tenacity frequently, having stick-to-it-tiveness and focus because below are examples of what the pay off is. Frustrating at times when the pay off is never seen or really delayed, but I still do my homework, due diligence and follow up to actively pursue my goals. Delayed response is a common thing to deal with and I’ve learned to have lots of patience. I must admit, this year the universe has sped up and great things are happening.


This spring I ran into the beauty editor of LASplash magazine while shopping at Nigel’s Beauty Emporium in Hollywood, CA. Being a makeup artist himself, he was impressed with my palette and interviewed me for his column. It’s now published and you can read it here at LASplash. At the end of July, I drove up to Salt Lake City, UT to attend a Mixed Media event with Sierra Pacific Crafts and met some amazing store owners and crafters. Keep your eyes open for my video on Scrapbookexpo.com! In addition, on stands now is Threads Magazine Aug/Sep issue featuring the Stick With It palette front and center in the Notions/New Tools section!! I love how my palette has morphed from being strictly a makeup palette to a multipurpose tool for many creative endeavors!


So this summer has been really busy, but a little fun was thrown in the mix to keep my sanity. Thank goodness for great friends to celebrate my birthday with and Vegas conveniently located between San Diego and Salt Lake City. (I’m on the left)



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