Art organizer, Craft organizer

Mettano Designs sleek, easy to use Stick With It® Palette can be used as portable craft organizer and comes in various colors and styles. The Stick With It Palette has become a tool of convenience in the crafting world, as its  revolutionary Clingfinity® surface has proven its usefulness and versatility when serving as a storage tool and working surface.  Company Founder, Monetta Plassmeyer, first introduced the product to the crafting world at the annual CHA Show in Anaheim California.  The Craft and Hobby Association welcomed the product with rave reviews.

Not only can crafters use the Stick With It Palette as a portable storage case for art supplies, but it can also be used to hold small items while working (like screws, nails, bottles, beads, baubles, buttons, needles, the end of threat, etc.), and can serve as a mixing palette for paints, glitter, or certain glues.

Please note that certain products that should not be used on the clingfinity surface include super glue (E6000 cyanoarcylates), Beacon 527, or Testors Glosscote Lacquer, as it will melt or harm the rubber surface of the organizer.

When using glitter, paint, multiple brushes or tools, the Stick With It Palette’s extremely adhesive surface can hold your tools and bottles tightly to keep from spilling or sliding away.  Scrapbook organizers can take advantage of the clingfinity surface while putting their art together for design, organization of ideas and possibly even creating details of your own for your creations.  Embelishments can be easily stored and organized on this unique surface.

The Stick With It Palette has become the best small item craft organizer when actively working through projects

Cleanup on the Stick With It Palette Clingfinity surface is easy!  Simply was with water and/or rubbing alcohol and the product is like new.  The unique surface maintains its stickiness and can be used over and over again as a working surface.  We all know how glitter gets everywhere.  Don’t worry about it here.  Just take a cloth with some rubbing alcohol and wipe away any excess.

The Stick With It Palette is a convenient portable craft storage case and organizer.  It makes taking your supplies to group activities simple.  You’ll always be able to find your favorite or most important items or tools when you’ve pre-stored them in this craft organizer.  Even keeping a few organized to serve as organizational craft storage cases within your working area is a smart way to keep track of all your materials

“Genius for carrying all my embellishments for my card making, scrapbooking and my small tools” – Ann B.

Art organizer, Craft organizer

Many people have come to love the Stick With It Palette for their crafting projects.  The product is simple, easy to use, easy to clean and finds itself being more useful than originally imagined.  Share your stories about how the Stick With It Palette has served you and your working projects!  We love to hear from our consumers.  This small, portable craft organizer is the best new tool for keeping and working with all types of artistic material.


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